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Valarim Media is no ordinary SEO agency

We are a group of SEO researchers and spend 80% of our time developing new & dependable SEO strategies.
Most people merely learn SEO >> We create it. We test it. We perfect it.
By doing so, we are always on top of how Google evaluates websites and what it wants to see.

Our proprietary authority building processes are designed to rank websites worldwide in Google.
With this influence, ranking your local business #1 in your area is an easy task for us.
Note that we use this influence responsibly and only work with good people.

Online Visibility

Your services may solve problems that keep people awake at night. But if you are invisible, no one can find these solutions. Your first step to be a hero is to be discovered. Our founder is one of the few people that invented SEO two decades ago. You will become visible. Period.

Hero Brand

We work with Hero Brands. Heroes are compelling and interesting, two qualities that live at the interface of branding and SEO. You could be at the top of Google, but if you’re not compelling, your ideal customer may leave your website. We assist you in making a connection.

Thought Leader

Our success is based on research. We have always developed new online visibility strategies and refined many industry standard best practices for SEO. Today, 92% of our methodology is proprietary and not available to our competitors. With us by your side, all of this cutting edge excellence is yours.

Long Term Success

Google does not sit still and improves its algorithm twice a day. Due to our ongoing research, we always use up-to-date best practices and make your website future-proof. By shielding your website from spam and applying ever new methodologies, we build and maintain the authority of your web presence and ensure stable rankings for years to come.

Top Suchmaschinenoptimierung Hamburg von der Valarim Agentur

The Valarim Difference

It is known that many marketing agencies apply SEO that is old school, unsafe, too simple, and usually spammy.
Many of our clients and prospects have been burned badly by such conduct. We are not ok with this.

Valarim Media is based on values that supersede profit goals.
Life is good when you love what you do. Our success is due our quality & philosophy.
We only work with positive, heroic businesses, because we want to care.
Our mission is to bring you, the good guys, to the top.


While most SEO services resort to old, manipulate methods, Valarim works in symbiosis with Google: our modern strategies build the authority of your website by using natural means that stand the test of time. Google wishes to rank good websites and businesses. We help Google to recognize these qualities in you.

You, Everywhere

We may focus on SEO, but we are ultimately online visibility experts and points multiple sources of web traffic to you, using social media, video portals, Google ads, citations, and more. Sometimes, we even rank bbb profiles in Google and give our clients yet another search position.

No Borders

You want to rank in multiple cities or the whole nation? No problem. We also work with businesses across the globe. If you have locations in other countries, like Canada, Germany, or Australia, we can also help you to reach a market leading position there. The web has no borders. What we do works everywhere.

Our Social Mission

We support conservation and charities. If you are a non-profit and plan a new project, you are welcome to contact us. We will be happy to advise you for free or at very low prices.

“Valarim SEO is the luxury sports car of search marketing.
They are such high level masters at ranking businesses in Google
and other places that revenues tend to quadruple.”

– K. Garfield, Online Entrepreneur

An Overview

1. Company Branding
Imagine doing a search in Google for a service in your city. The business listed on the #1 spot instantly feels authoritative and valuable, right? Most people feel this way, giving your website a small celebrity status due to Google’s recommendation. Our SEO service not only brings you to the top and increases your visibility, it also helps to build brand awareness. Moreover, we like to point more than just one digital road to you, so that people may find you multiple times – in Google, Youtube and other places, creating an even stronger impression of authority. After a while, people tend to begin searching for your brand or name.

2. Our Process in a Nutshell
Google updates their search algorithm around 500 times per year, forcing the SEO industry to constantly adapt as well. We are always up to date on the recent changes and begin with an analysis of your website according to the current standards. Also, we check the competition in your market and the keywords you want to rank for in Google. Once we are clear on the goals and competition, we begin optimizing your site in terms of content, loading speed, display on mobile devices, meta-information, and many other website related points. Following these on-page changes, we network your business with citations, social media, and other trusted websites in your market to help Google understand that your website has value and is relevant for what you do. There are over a hundred parts to this process and we pride ourselves in knowing exactly how to put every piece in place correctly.

3. Video
We like to use video in our SEO strategies. It has become a very important element to the overall web presence of businesses. Since Youtube belongs to Google, it also holds a high authority with the search engine and videos often rank on the first page as well. What’s more, Youtube itself is the second largest search engine in the world. Whether you run a local business or an online store, ranking a video in Youtube can be a significant source of customers.

4. Relationship
We are passionate about what we do and cultivate great relationships with all of our clients. Staying in touch after our job is done is mandatory. Since Google does some big changes every now and then, we let you know if anything on your website needs to be updated. For example, our clients were some of the first in the country whose websites were updated to be mobile friendly when Google announced that it was important to do so. Thanks to our quick actions, our clients stayed in their top spots, while other websites began to sink in the search results until they were made mobile friendly as well.

Some Advice

1. Bad Agencies
Beware! Many providers of search engine optimization are unable to produce results and tend to harm websites with spam and other bad practices. A lot of these agencies are only good at presenting themselves and at client communication. Once they have to produce results, they often outsource the work cheaply to someone else, who knows even less than they do. Many of our clients have had bad experiences with other agencies in the past. We usually need to fix what others have broken before we can even begin our normal strategies!

We have always done things by hand, making sure our clients earn their top spot in Google naturally.

2. No Cookie Cutters
You should distrust any SEO agency that showcases fixed prices – like a pricing table on their website. Every business and project is completely different, just like building a skyscraper or moving from one place to another. We have developed a variable pricing scheme based on the competition in Google and the difficulty to rank for a particular search phrase. We know how much we have to carry in order to rank a business, allowing us to calculate realistic prices. Our honor code demands that we neither under- nor overprice our work.

3. Your Price Expectations
One of the biggest mistakes that business owners make with SEO is to expect low prices below $1k per month. If you believe this, you are saying that our ability to bring you into the market leading position is worth less than the salary of someone working at a fast food chain. Clearly, it can be neither cheap nor easy to reach the leading position! We only accept clients that are serious about growing their business. Our prices usually begin at $2k a month, for only that is realistic.

4. Traffic Expectations
You should never underestimate the amount of traffic on Google, especially in bigger cities like New York. Practically everyone is using the search engine to find products and services in their city. On Android phones, there is even a Google search bar right on the home screen! Why would anyone still go to the Yellow Pages first and then do a search? We have never seen a local business that was not able to expand after they had reached the #1 spot. Unless you run a large business, you are not ready for the amount of people coming in, thus allowing you to grow tremendously, if you want to.

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